Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Since the city was a bit crazy fom te people traveling in and rioting David and his mom took me out in the country to stay the weekend at her boyfriends house. it was a very nice house and he was really kind, even though his english was about as good as my french. xD the first night they took me out to dinner and it was delicious, the food here is simply amazing. the next day we went on an all day bike ride along the countryside which was gorgeous, picnic in the fields and everything ha. that night we had a little cookout where i tried some of the homemade french specialities. we left the next day and it was good to be back in strasbourg.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


April 3rd : Today was an extremly exciting and hectic day. we all met up around 9am at the cinema with everybody looking very nicely dressed. the whole operation was a little unorganized but with three thousand people what can you do. they put us all on busses and we rode to an old ice rink where we waited for a bit then we walked over to the Rhénus where we waited some more for obama to walk out. everytime a black man wearing a suit walked out people stood up and cheered but only to be dissapointed haha. finally at about 2ish he came out and the whole stadium went crazy! of course my camera dies as soon as he walks out but i can get pictures from other students so its not so bad. he gave a 20 min speech then there was a 30 min Q&A session, he is a brilliant man and handled himself well. he did not say anything too controversal which might have been for the best but you could tell his main goal was unity and an all around peaceful world. a few kids got interviewed, some french and some american, i was one of the americans but i dont think i made it on TV, oh well. everything was finally over around 5 and it was an all around life changing day. :]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

1st and 2nd of April

April 1st : Today all of the american students had a school day at saint étienne. in my class i had two french students inverview me in english because it was their english class assignment. i learned a lot from talking with the, and got a small taste of what classes are like in france. after that we all split up into two groups and played sports, i was on the vollyball side and that was a blast. :D

April 2nd : Today all of the american students took a bus to visit the castle Haut-Koenigsbourg in the country. it was so interesting to see something so old and historic restored almost as good as new. after that we visited the old town of Kaysersberg an had a small meeting with some of the mayor's staff b.c he could not make it :[

Monday, March 30, 2009

First School Day!!!

Ahhhhhh France is amazing!! Todqy was the first day here while school was in session so while our students were in class we got to go on a tour of the school. It was old but very unique in a good way and looked like a great school to go to. after that we went on a boat ride all around the city and learned a lot more about the history and just hoz long its been here. then we went to the cath. which was HUGE!! and very elegant at the same time. then we had a guide take us around the city where he told us many historial stories and origins. soon after class wasover for the french students so some of us went to the part and played football (american soccer). it was a very tiring but amazing day :D

Thursday, February 12, 2009


First blog, still in america. :3